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Sports Related Injuries

Unfortunately sports injuries are common among young athletes. There are prevention protocols that can save and protect the teeth.  Mouth guards are a popular protective equipment and are easily created by dental professionals.

Statistically, fractures, avulsions, and subluxation are some of the most common forms of accidents. Teeth that are avulsed require less than 20 minute response time to protect the tooth from death.  If the tooth has dried out for close to 60 min or more than the chances of successful replantation of the avulsed tooth falls down dramatically. We do not want the tooth to dry out.  It's important while you are trying to find a dental professional to help you, the tooth is stored in a moist environment.  Saline, saliva, or water are some of the best choices.

If the tooth is luxated. Minor changes may be left alone and the body may try to reposition or heal itself.  Large degrees of changes from luxation may require the dentist to push the tooth back into place.

Careful monitoring is required afterwards as there may be obvious immediate response with infection or failure of the tooth, or slow/subtle response that may take over a year to see the tooth become infected or darken.  The healing process may also involve the tooth becoming ankylosed or fused to the bone.  As time passes the tooth will not move or adjust and may look shorter than the neighboring teeth.  Often times root canals are required afterwards as the tooth may become necrotic.

Dental custom fabricated night guards remain one of the best options for protection. However, most purchase the cheaper option of store bought night guards. They really do not provide the same level of protection as a professionally made one.  They provide a false sense of protection and studies show do not provide the same degree of protection.  Store bought mouth guards don't conform well to the natural shape of the mouth and teeth, which leads to discomfort and difficulty breathing.


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