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How To Properly Care For Dentures & Other Dental Appliances

Dentures and other dental appliances can be a lifesaver for those who have lost teeth or have significant dental issues. Not only do they improve appearance, but they also allow for better chewing and speaking abilities. However, it is essential to properly care for dentures and other dental appliances to ensure they stay clean and last as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to properly care for dentures and your dental appliances:

1. Rinse dentures thoroughly after eating

After eating, remove dentures and rinse them thoroughly with water. This helps remove any food particles that may be stuck to them.

2. Brush dentures daily

Dentures should be brushed daily with a soft-bristled brush and a mild soap or denture cleaner. Be sure to avoid using regular toothpaste as it can be too abrasive and damage te denture material.

3. Soak dentures overnight

Dentures should be soaked in water or a denture cleaner ovrenight to help remove any bacteria or stains. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using denture cleaners.

4. Handle dentures with care

Dentures are delicate and can easily break or warp if mishandled. Be sure to handle them with care and avoid dropping them.

5. Keep dentures moist

Dentures should be kept moist at all times to prevent themfrom drying out and becoming brittle. When not in use, they should be stored in a denture soaking solution or plain water.

6. Avoid using hot water

Hot water can cause dentures to warp or lose their shape. Always use lukewarm water when cleaning or soaking dentures.

7. Visit your dentist regularly

Even with proper care, dentures and other appliances can still experience wear and tear over time, like the shoes on your feet or the tires on your car. That's why it's important to visit your dentist regularly to have your appliance checked and adjusted as needed.

Here at Brian Y. Kuo DDS, we will also provide additional tips and guidance on how to care for your specific appliance to enhance its longevity. Properly caring for your dentures and other appliances are essential for maintaining good oral health and ensuring they last as long as possible. By following these simple steps and regularly visiting your dentist, you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful for years to come.


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