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No More Smoking!

Tobacco use has long been known to have a negative impact on overall health, including dental health. Smoking can lead to a range of oral health problems which we will discuss today:

  1. Staining: It can cause yellow stains on the teeth that can be difficult to remove even with profesional cleaning.

  2. Bad Breath: It can cause bad breath that can be difficult to mask with oral hygiene products like mouthwash.

  3. Gum Disease: it can cause inflammation of the gums leading to gingivitis and over time, progresses to a more serious gum disease(periodontitis).

  4. Oral Cancer: It is a major risk factor for oral cancer that can affect the lips, tongue, throat, as well as other areas of the mouth. At this point, it is a life-threatening condition if not diagnosed and treated early.

  5. Delayed Healing: It can interfere with the body's natural healing process, making it more difficult to recover from dental procedures such as extractions or gum surgery.

  6. Reduced Saliva Flow: It can increase the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems.

  7. Tooth Loss: It can cause damage to the bone and connective tissue that supports the teeth, ultimately leading to tooth loss.

If you use tobacco products, please be aware of the consequences on your dental health! Quitting smoking or using other tobacco products is the best way to reduce your risk of oral health problems. Let your dentist know of your worries and past history of tobacco use. Together, both of you can come up with a plan that is beneficial for you!

Talk to a dentist today to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. For more questions, please call (626)800-8022 to speak to a oral healthcare professional.


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