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Peridex Mouthwash

What is Peridex?

Peridex, also known as Chlorhexidine, is a medicated oral rinse used along with regular tooth brushing and flossing to treat gingivitis. Chlorhexidine belongs to a class of antimicrobials that work to decrease the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity. The medicated oral rinse helps to reduce the inflammation as a result of gingivitis, ultimately, reducing the swelling and bleeding of the gums.

How do I use it?

The oral rinse is only available by prescription. If prescribed, rinse your mouth with the solution following brushing and flossing your teeth, twice a day, or as instructed by your dentist.

What are the cons?

Research has shown Chlorhexidine's efficacy in treating gingivitis, however, the usage of Chlorhexidine has some cons. The oral rinse may cause staining on the teeth, tongue, or existing tooth fillings, or have an unpleasant taste. It is strongly advised to use only if your doctor deems it safe for usage.


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